Are courses only offered in English?

Presently all the courses are available in English Language only.

What is the duration of the courses?

The duration of each course is mentioned on their respective page.

Are there any classes during the course?

The courses are offered through online and offline mode. No classes will be conducted during the course.

Can I take the course along with my regular studies or job?

Yes, you can undertake the course along with your regular studies or job.

How much time will I have to invest to complete and pass my course?

For specialized courses the approximate time is 4-6 hrs per week and for dual courses one should spend approx 6-8 hrs per week.

From which board/ university the courses are accredited?

The certification will be exclusively provided by Physis Learning Academy Pvt. Ltd. which doesn't require any accreditation from any university or board. The courses are developed by industry experts having more than 30 years of experience into various domains of health sciences. The main objective of the courses and certification is to provide in-depth knowledge, impart required skills to execute role based job functions and provide mock training on various domains.

Is there any difference between online and offline/ distance learning mode of study?

No, there is no difference in terms of course content, assignment, evaluation and certification. The only difference is, in Online Mode a participant will read and complete the course online. However in offline/ distance learning mode, the participant will receive the hard copy of study material along with assignment at their corresponding address.

Are there any shipping charges involved for offline/ distance mode of learning?

For Indian participants there are no shipping charges. However a charge of US$ 50 will be applicable for foreign participants.

What are Open Courses?

Open courses are free to learn courses, specially designed for beginners to give them a brief on various topics.

Will I get a certificate after successfully completion of Open course?

Yes, you will get a certificate via email. However, if you need a hard copy of it, a processing fee of US$ 25 (foreign participants) or Rs. 700 (Indian participants) will be applicable. No Grade Card will be provided with open courses


How much is the fee to take a course?

Open Courses are free of cost while the fee of specialized and dual courses is mentioned on their respective pages.

How can I pay for a course?

We have multiple payment options to get enroll in a course via Secured Online payment gateway (ccAvenue), Check, Direct Bank Transfer, Demand Draft. Details about each payment method can be viewed at Payment Options.

Is there any option to pay the fee in installments? In how many installments can I pay the fee?

Yes, one can pay the fee in installments to enroll in a training course. However, the number of installments and amount will depend upon course to course.

When I will get the fee receipt after enrollment?

For online users, the fee receipt will be sent immediately on their e-mail after payment. However for participants who wish to pay the fee via offline mode, the receipt would send after realization of the fee.


Who can enroll in courses offered by PLA - Faculty of Health Sciences?

Our courses are open to everyone (students, professors, trainers, working professionals, physicians) from health sciences background (Pharmacy, Medical, Life-Sciences, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Alternative Medicines, Working Professionals) and who are looking forward to take an in-depth knowledge and advance their career in the field of Clinical Data Management, clinical research, medical writing, pharmacovigilance etc.

How do I enroll?

Once a course is selected, you simply need to sign up by creating and verifying an account followed by submission of course fee or visit Enrollment procedure to know the complete process.

Can I enroll in two courses simultaneously? What is the process?

Yes, you can enroll in two or more courses simultaneously. You just need to add the courses of interest to your shopping cart and make the payment. After that you will be provided with course material and assignments accordingly.


How can I connect with faculties or mentor?

To connect with faculties or mentors you directly add them through their linked in profiles or Blogs. The link to connect is available on the Trainers Page.


What if I have a question or concern related to course material during completion of my course?

Online participants can submit their query in User help box after logging into their account. However, offline participants can contact us by email or telephonically to resolve the issue. Also they can take the help of online chat for instant resolutions.

What if I have enrolled for distance learning mode and not received the study material?

You can Contact us or submit your query to resolve the issue.


What if I have trouble in account creation?

In that case you can Contact us by email or telephonically to resolve the issue. Also you can take help of online chat for instant resolution.

What if I have technical trouble with login, or course access?

In that case you can Contact us by email or telephonically to resolve the issue. Also you can take help of online chat for instant resolution.

What if I forget my password?

Click the Sign in button and click forgot password link under the sign in window.

What if I did not receive an activation email?

In that case you can Contact us by email or telephonically to resolve the issue. Also you can take help of online chat for instant resolution.

What if I have problems with the display or I am unable to view course chapters online?

Contact us or submit the query on User help Form


Where this certificate is applicable?

Once you successfully complete the course and receive the certificate and grade card, you can apply on all the relevant job positions and companies on the basis of certificate.

What if I have any query related to assignment completion?

You can Contact us by email or telephonically to resolve the issue. Also you can take the help of online chat option available on our website for instant resolution.

What If I missed a deadline to submit the assignment, can I get an extension?

Yes, you can get the extension of 1 week in case you miss the deadline.

What happens if I am not able to successfully complete a course? Is there any fee associate with it?

Once you are not been able to successfully complete a training course, we can provide you an option to complete the assignment once again on request. A time-frame of 1 month will be provided to resubmit the assignment and a reprocessing fee of US$ 15 (foreign candidates) or Rs. 750 would be applicable.

What happens if I am not been able to successfully complete the course after re-assignment?

In that case, your User account and enrollment will be deactivated. You need to retake and apply for the course as a fresh enrollment.

Is there any examination at the end?

Participants will be provided with assignments along with the study material. Therefore after going through the study material, participants can fill the assignment. On completion the participants can submit the assignment for evaluation.

What type of question will be there in assignment?

Different courses assignment will comprise of different kind of questions. However it has been ensured by our trainers to cover the entire topics of study module in assignment to provide mock training.

How will I came to know about the result of a course?

The result date would be provided to you along with the course material and assignment. After evaluation of your assignment, your result status will be emailed to you on that day.

How much time will it take to get a certificate and grade card after successful completion?

Foreign Online Participants: The certificate will be generated and send via email on the result date. However, a processing fee of US$ 25 will be charged to avail a hard copy of certificate and grade card. The same will be dispatched after 7 days after realization of amount.

Indian Online/ Offline Participants: The soft copy will be emailed on the result date. However, the hard copy of the certificate and grade card will be dispatched on the same day to their corresponding address.

What is grade Card?

Grade Card will comprise of a participant marks and performance of a course assignment in form of grades.

What are the minimum passing score/ percentage to successfully complete a course?

A participant needs to score a minimum of 40%.

How are certificates and grade card delivered?

Indian (Online/ Offline) and Foreign Offline participants will get the certificate and grade card in form of soft and hard copy while foreign online participant will receive only soft copy.

What if I don’t receive my result and certificate?

You can contact us in this case to resolve the issue.

What if I lost the hard copy of certificate and/or Grade Card?

You can contact us in this case. A duplicate Certificate and/ or Grade Card will be generated. However a processing fee of US$ 25 (foreign candidate) and Rs. 700 (Indian) will be applicable for each document separately.

Is there any procedure to receive the certificate earlier than assignment submission date?

Yes, we can provide you a provisional certificate via email. You simply need to request us via mail along with submission of assignments. However, the final certificate and grade card will be mailed to you at the end date of the batch.


What assistance will I get after successfully completing a course?

We assist and offer placement assistance to candidates through various channels:

  • Jobs Updates on BLOG
  • Subscribe to Our Jobs updates Newsletter
  • Interview Preparation
  • Industry Referral
  • Free Counseling Session
  • CV Preparation Tips
  • Opportunity Connection with Industry Experts
  • Opportunity to connect with our trainers for better guidance.

Where I can find the job updates on regular basis?

You can subscribe to our Newsletter and click on Job updates.